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Make it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results. Trusted by 800,000 Customers worldwide! .

Create and Send

Create your email campaigns online with our easy to use wizard or import your custom HTML and CSS emails with a single click. You can test your emails to make sure they look great in all email programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and many more. We give you complete control over the campaigns and allow you to select your own email list to send your campaigns to.

Manage lists allows you to segment your mailing list as you require them to be. For example you separate your list into different age groups or you can have a list of French speaking customer and another list of English speaking customers so that you can choose which segment you want to send your email campaigns to. We also handle all the messy stuff like email bounces and unsubscribes so that you dont have to.


Our in-depth reports allow you to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns you send. You can view the number of opens, link clicks, and even measure your campaign related sales, ROI with Google Analytics integration. You can even know what email programs your subscribers are using. The reports will allow you to better leverage your email campaigns to reach your subscribers more effectively.

Very important: this is not a mass emailing solution but a targeted , email newslettering solution for sending emails to your contact list.

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There are no restrictions on the number of emails you can send and no hidden charges.

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  • We use your OWN emailing list - This is not Spamming

  • Social sharing feature makes it easy for you to share your campaigns on twitter and face- book by embedding a "Like" and "Tweet" button in your emails

  • Personalised emails: Dear Mr John

  • No 'Dark Areas'- In depth real-time reports of your campaigns allow you to track who has opened, read, forwareded, unsubscribed...

  • Auto-cleaning & management of your email database - Duplicates, worng email address- es are automatically removed and sent to you for cleaning

  • Anti-Spam tests are AUTOMATICALLY per- formed by the system prior to sending your campaign

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